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Once known as Vista Oaks, the piece of land in Southwest Orlando that is undergoing a physical transformation into a 280-unit development has also begun a transformation of a completely different nature. In late February 2018, the Development team had their initial meeting with their new marketing agency, Big Eye, to begin the discovery and immersion process for Epoch’s newest development.

Through a detailed meeting including a site visit, lots of discussion on interior design, preferred colors and typography, unique selling propositions and even some homework for our Executives on brand development, our agency proposed three original names. After much thought and debate we chose …KESTRA!

The journey to a name like Kestra began with researching the history of the area to discover it was once home to a quaint bed and breakfast titled the Perri House. Serving as an escape from the tourist hustle & bustle, Perri House was known for its lush treetops and quiet nature.

More than a B&B that attracted guests from around the globe, the friendly caretakers, who still live in Orlando, took pride in their property that was also a recognized bird sanctuary. Taking it a step further, the caretakers set out on a quest to have the Perri House certified as an Audubon Society recognized area, thus setting a foundation for our brand name.

KESTRA is a name that combines strong symbolism of a particular bird species, the “American Kestrel”, with a nod to the historic preservation of the land as a birding destination. The American Kestrel already sounds simple, modern and unexpected, and is a beautiful little falcon (the smallest in North America), that is packed with symbolism.

As a metaphor, the falcon is the perfect icon of the caliber of apartment living that Epoch creates; recognizing opportunities and acting on them at only the correct moment, with accuracy, precision, vision and consistency demonstrating grace, agility, observation and awareness.

Changing the name from KesTREL to KesTRA provides uniqueness and vitality that’s essential to property naming, while also pivoting the story to a more modern sensibility.

Kestra is about taking flight…Soaring from one adventure to another…It’s a jumping off point…Or a place to cruise through life comfortably, surrounded by nature and the luxuries of a signature lifestyle. This is life at KESTRA! 

Visit for more details on this exciting community. A special thank you to the creative team at Big Eye for their collaboration on this article.