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New Smyrna Beach joins the Epoch portfolio

Oakwiler, located in New Smyrna Beach, is another new project added to the Epoch portfolio! We got started on this one early and have a name, logo and color palette already in place.

The story of Oakwiler begins with Stewart Mitchell, grandson of Hannah Detwiler Bonnet, the only surviving child (and girl) of her parents, who first settled the land in 1881, when they arrived from Ohio. Miss Bonnet inherited the land and preserved and nurtured it throughout her lifetime. She was the first female Mayor of New Smyrna Beach and her daughter was the first female in their family to graduate from college, real estate school none the less. Stewart grew up in New Smyrna Beach and his family has a strong connection and deep roots to the area.

With rich historical significance and untouched land, we have approached this project carefully and meticulously, as we always do, but paying extra attention to the story of the land and family. We named the future community after the Detwiler family with an ode to the pristine land covered in oak trees, as seen here. The icon portion of the logo, featuring organic impressions of oak leaves and sea shells, was born from the combination of the land and the sea. The ocean provided strong inspiration for the color palette which went through several rounds of revisions, before we decided it was the perfect fit for the name, logo and community we are creating.

Our Executive Team has been attending city council meetings to seek approvals on the community since early 2021. We are feeling confident about moving forward smoothly as we begin the next step of site work approval. Another unique element of this community is we have the opportunity to offer a mix of townhomes for sale and townhomes for rent.

This community will be located about 54 miles east of Epoch’s Winter Park Home Office between Saxon Blvd. and A1A, nestled amongst custom built homes developed by Stewart Mitchell. Location and lifestyle will be our most attractive assets, with popular dining such as Norwood’s and The Garlic, favorite beach hangouts and of course the beach on one side and the Indian River Lagoon on the other.

We look forward to creating another community with a distinct sense of place!



Blue color pallette